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About Us
We are dedicated to solving business challenges for fast-growing businesses using data products. Our team of entrepreneurs and data scientists, who have founded multiple startups and worked for global companies, understands the value of data solutions but also the high costs of top data scientists. We've created a flexible and agile approach to solve your business challenges with a 'no fee unless profitability improves' promise.
We will pay for all the costs ourselves and will only take our fee from additional profits our solutions generate for your business.
Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can improve your bottom line without any risk.
No fee unless your profitability improves.
Of the world's companies had adopted AI in at least one function or business unit.
exploring AI for its implementation in the future.
*according to a Gartner report
How it works
"AI is the silent engine powering today's business innovation.
It sharpens our strategies, streamlines our operations, and in doing so, it propels profits beyond our boldest forecasts."
Once you see improvement in revenues or decrease in operational expenses, we’ll invoice you for the work.
Once we had a look at the data - we'll be able to say if we can help. And if we can - our team will get to work asap and will do their best to improve your bottom line with our data solutions.
If we believe we can solve your business problem, we’ll sign a comprehensive NDA to give you peace of mind that your data will be handled privately and securely.
Send us a short summary of the business challenge you have and a few sentences about the data you can give us access to (ERP, CRM, customer data and marketing platforms), so we can assess the viability of building your solution.
If you have more questions - just contact us. We love to talk about AI solutions!