About Us
Short story of our journey
We're dedicated to solving fast-growing startups’ business challenges with data products.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs and data scientists. We founded numerous startups and have worked for global software and e-commerce companies. We saw first-hand what difference Data Products can make to a fast growing business, but also understood that very few startups can afford to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for top-notch data scientists or outsourced AI product development.

To put it bluntly - most startups need data solutions, but very few startups can afford them.

A new business model to address this problem was needed, so we formed The AI Group - a more flexible and agile approach to solving your business challenges with data.

Our Simple Promise:

No fee unless your profitability improves. Period.

When your business is growing fast, you have a lot on your mind! We know that - and that’s why we’re your partners in building efficient data products to solve your business problems.

If our data products don’t improve your bottom line - you don’t owe us anything.

It all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation. If your use-case has merit, we’ll dive in to deliver fast, efficient end-to-end data products that will improve your revenues or reduce your expenses. Read on to learn about The AI Group’s no-win, no-fee AI consultancy services.

We shoulder the risk

Our fees are fair and competitive. We advance all the costs involved in building your product. This includes everything that goes into investigating, preparing and building the best possible product for your given business challenge.

But our efforts are all contingent on your success. No improved profitability, no pay. We won’t take your case, unless we’re confident that we can improve your revenues or reduce your expenses.

Success fee: no retainers & nothing up-front

The AI Group works on a success fee, not an hourly retainer. This means you hire our firm without paying up-front costs and all fees depend on a successful result - your improved profitability. The firm charges a percentage of the increase in revenue or decrease in expenses.

Our clients’ advantage

Up-front costs present the biggest barrier to hiring data scientists and AI consultants. The contingency fee agreement eliminates that hurdle because our compensation is paid only when your profitability has increased.

We get it

Very few companies have the brand, the expertise or the funding to hire the best in class data scientists.

You’ll likely be thinking: “How am I going to headhunt someone from Google or Microsoft? Even if I do, my Board won’t approve their exorbitant salaries. What if we just need them for one specific project and there isn’t enough data to hire someone full-time?”

It all starts with a free initial consultation

When you work with The AI Group, you won’t be asking those questions anymore. Our no win no fee consultants have answers and are here to help you increase your profits without the risk of hiring the wrong data scientists.

No fee unless you win

Contact us today to see if our products can improve your bottom line!
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